How many (dogs, cats, chickens, horses, etc.) can I keep on a residential lot?

According to Article Seven, Section B.6, of the Town of Simsbury Zoning Regulations regarding the keeping of domestic animals clearly accessory to residential use:

In no case may the following schedule be exceeded, unless the use qualifies as a farm:

  1. Horses, ponies, sheep, and similar animals, provided that the parcel contains at least three (3) acres and that no more than two (2) such animals are kept, and further that no storage of manure or accessory buildings be located closer than one hundred (100) feet from any property line, stream, or watercourse.
  2. Dogs, cats, and similar domestic pets, provided that no more than six (6) animals are kept and no commercial kennel is operated.
  3. Ducks, geese, chickens, etc., provided that no more than twelve (12) such animals are kept.
  4. No roosters or peacocks are allowed.