Recording Fees

See Public Act 09-229, CGS Section 7-43a





No Nominee

 Recording Fee for the first page of a multi-page instrument or a single-page instrument with no nominee (e.g. MERS):  $53.00.

 Recording Fee for each subsequent page of the same instrument: $5.00.

 For example: 2-page instrument: $58.00; 3-page: $63.00; etc.


Nominee (MERS) 

 Recording Fee for the first page of an instrument with a nominee (e.g. MERS): $159.00.

 Please open this link to read about the change in recording fees for land records with a nominee as grantor/grantee: RECORDING FEES FOR LAND RECORDS WITH A NOMINEE EFFECTIVE JULY 15, 2013

$55.00   Recording Fee for first page of deed transferring title with consideration over $2,000
$5.00   Record Fee for each additional page of the same instrument
$1.00   Copy fee, per page
$2.00   Certification fee, per document (The copy fee is separate.)

 Local Conveyance Tax = 0.0025% of consideration (Payable to Town of Simsbury)

Conveyance Tax


Special Notice S N 2011 (3)

  State Conveyance Tax - (Payable to Commissioner of Revenue Services) Contact the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services.
$20.00   Subdivision Map 
$10.00   Other Map