Building Department

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Due to COVID-19 concerns, our office is working remotely.  Please click here for helpful information on some new procedures so we can continue to serve you the best we can.

Updated 02/2021

The department functions as the enforcement authority for the State Building Code, zoning regulations, Historic District regulations, and the Oil Tank Ordinance and other regulations designed to improve public safety. In addition to these functions, the Department assigns street addresses and assists the general public by supplying necessary information and answering questions related to building codes and town regulations.

Please see Frequently Asked Questions and the Building/Permit Guides & Information links to the left for all information on permit requirements, fees and the application process.

To print or download a copy of the Building Permit Form, see the blue box to the left.

To go directly to the online permit center, click the link below.

Online Building Permit Center

Generic Building Plan


For help with any technical questions on the online system please call the Municity Help Desk at 845-250-0531.

Please note:  All permits must have at least a final inspection - please contact our office for questions regarding what inspections are required for a particular type of project.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Henry Miga Building Official (860) 658-3235
Dwight Carlson Deputy Building Official (860) 658-3275
Colleen Fenn Building Department Specialist (860) 658-3234
Christine Campasano Land Use/Building Clerk (860) 658-3234