Summary of Amendments to Solid Waste Ordinance

Town of Simsbury
Summary of Solid Waste Ordinance Pursuant to CGS §7-157(b)

Simsbury Code of Ordinances

The Town of Simsbury’s Board of Selectmen has adopted amendments to Chapter 133 of the Simsbury Code of Ordinances, Solid Waste.  The adopted amendments to the Ordinance include: removing references to the Materials Innovation and Recycling Authority (MIRA) and having to dispose Simsbury waste specifically at the MIRA facility; clarifying that facilities must be state licensed; and removing references to specific hours of operation for the Simsbury Bulky Waste and Recycling Center.

A copy of the Ordinance is available for public inspection at the Town Clerk’s Office and the Town Clerk shall, upon request, mail a copy of the Ordinance to any person requesting a copy at no charge.  The Ordinance is also available for review on the Town of Simsbury website, on the Board of Selectmen page.  

This document is prepared for the benefit of the public, solely for purposes of information, summarization and explanation. This document does not represent the intent of the legislative body of the Town of Simsbury for any purpose.

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