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Property Revaluation – 2022

2022 is a revaluation year for the Town of Simsbury

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Additional information regarding the process of the Revaluation
The Town of Simsbury is engaged in a State-Mandated Property Revaluation to establish updated real estate assessments for the October 1, 2022 Grand List (for taxes payable in July 2023). Connecticut General State Statute 12-62 requires that each town implement a revaluation of all real estate in town every five (5) years.  The last revaluation for Simsbury was conducted on October 1, 2017.

To assist with the revaluation, the town has contracted with Equality Valuation Services to perform the residential property revaluation.   Each residential property owner will be sent a data mailer which will show the information that the Town has on their property.  The accuracy of the data is vital to the accuracy and uniformity of the assessments.  Therefore, we are offering a few different options for you to provide us with the necessary information for your property. 

  • The preferred option will be to submit your data mailer online at: (If submitting online, please do not mail back the paper copy). 
  • Another option will be to complete the paper copy by reviewing the data and making any necessary updates and any corrections then returning it in the postage paid envelope.
  • You may also schedule a virtual inspection appointment at the website.
  • A response to the mailing, with or without changes, is required.

Some properties may still require an interior inspection.  Our goal is to ensure that the data is correct so accurate values can be applied to all properties.  If you have any questions regarding the data mailers, or the process of revaluation you can contact the Assessor’s Office at (860)658-3251.

To return/submit your Data Mailer via online or schedule a virtual inspection click here