Snow and Ice Removal and Parking Notice 2017-2018

Snow and Ice Removal and Parking Notice 2017

Simsbury Police Department


Snow and Ice Removal

The Simsbury Police Department wants to remind residents, businesses owners/employees and snow plowing/removal personnel to keep our streets and sidewalks clear of snow and ice.  It is imperative to provide emergency access for police, fire, ambulance and maintenance vehicles to all areas of our community.

Parking on the Street §149-2 and 149-5

Vehicles should not be parked on the street if they impede snow removal operations, during and after a storm.  The owner/operator of a vehicle that obstructs snow removal operations may be subject to a fine and the vehicle may be towed.

Plowing or Blowing Snow in/Across Street §137-1

Snow plowing and blowing into the street or across a street is prohibited.  As a homeowner/business owner it is your responsibility to tell your contractors not to clear your driveway by pushing the snow across and into the streets.

Sidewalks §137-1

Sidewalks are used for emergency personnel, children walking to school, commerce (e.g. USPS, Fed-Ex, UPS) and general use.  Any and all snow, sleet and ice must be removed from sidewalks by property owners within 24 hours, and whenever such is covered by ice.

Town Ordinances 137 and 149 may be viewed in their entirety on the Town website at  Choose the How Do I…? pull down, under View click Town Code and Charter or click here.  Search or scroll through the ordinances. 

For questions, call the Police Department at (860) 658-3100.