Traffic Safety and Enforcement



The Police Department responds to requests for general traffic or roadway safety enforcement, such as speed, stop sign and crosswalk violations.  Requests can be made through our dispatch center at (860) 658-3100 or through the traffic enforcement request e-mail address ( on our website and social media sites (Facebook and Twitter).  If there is an emergency, call 911.  If the request requires an immediate response, but it is not an emergency, call the dispatch center at (860) 658-3100.  Our non-emergency response may include random or planned enforcement efforts, use of our variable message and speed measuring signs to gain self-compliance and awareness, or other education based efforts.  Given the nature and complexity of the issue, the department may look at roadway markings and signage, speed limits, line-of-sight restrictions, traffic calming measures, or roadway design and engineering.  The department may conduct a traffic survey to determine such data as peak travel time, the volume, speed, type and size of vehicles using a roadway to determine the best course of action(s).  These studies are performed with a small device mounted to a fixed object and collect data unbeknownst to traffic for a dedicated period of time.  For complex issues, a local traffic authority group, consisting of the representatives from the Town Manager’s Office, Public Works, Planning and Land Use, Engineering and the Police Department will discuss issues, reports and solutions collectively from diverse professional perspectives. With over 100 traffic related complaints each year, it is one of the most prevalent concerns of the community and one of our daily focal points.      

As a point of interest, speed limits on all roadways in Connecticut are set by the State of Connecticut, Office of State Traffic Authority, not the Town.  A study by the State is required prior to setting//changing a speed limit.  Roadway markings (e.g. fog lines and crosswalks), signs (e.g. yield and stop), traffic calming measures (e.g. speed bumps, humps and tables) and traffic control signals are governed by the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, national standards published by the Federal Highway Administration. 


If you e-mail or call the police department about a traffic concern, we recommend that you provide contact information so we can communicate our response plan and inquire further if need be.