Items Taken at Bulky Waste/Recycling Center

Free of Charge
Glass Bottles & Jars
All colors - up to 1 gallon. NO flat glass, light bulbs, mirrors, ceramics, Pyrex.
Rinse clean. Labels and neck rings may be left on.
Metal Cans & Aluminum
Cans, tops & bottoms up to 1 gallon. Aluminum foil & food trays. NO bottles/jar lids.
Rinse clean. DO NOT flatten.
Plastic Bottles & Jars
Bottles, jars and tubs marked with 1 - 7 up to one gallon.
Rinse clean. Caps removed & discarded. DO NOT flatten or crush.
Newspaper & inserts, magazines, junk mail, cardboard or other paper.
Place in brown grocery bags.
Corrugated Cardboard
ONLY   corrugated: two layer cardboard with wavy layer in between. NO wax coated or soiled boxes.
Flatten, stack or bundle.
Mixed Paper
Magazines, catalogs, junk mail, low grade cardboard (i.e. cereal & gift boxes).
Clean & dry. NO food contamination. Place in grocery bags or bundle & tie with string.
White Office Paper
White office, computer, NCR copy paper & envelopes.
Must be flat. Stack or bundle and tie with string.
Foil-Lined Juice Boxes
Small, square, foil-lined beverage boxes.
Squeeze out remaining liquid until empty.
Gable Top Boxes
Wax-covered milk & juice cartons up to 1 gallon in size.
Rinse clean and drain off any excess water.
Styrofoam Packing
Not Accepted
Not Accepted
Wet Cell Batteries
Automotive or marine ONLY. NO other batteries of any kind. 6 or 12 volt.
NOTE: Automotive batteries can also be returned to retailer where new battery is purchased.
Waste Oil &
Automotive crankcase or transmission oil. NO used antifreeze.
Refilled original bottles or tightly capped container up to 1 gallon.
Clean, segregated leaves. Free of brush and grass clippings.
Loose or bagged. NOTE: Bagged leaves are collected curbside each fall.
Must be clean.
Drop off boxes are available at the center.

Bulky Waste/Recycling Center
Address: 66 Wolcott Road, Simsbury, CT 06070
Phone: (860) 844-3000
Hours: Wednesday & Saturday 8:00am - 3:00pm