Items Taken Curbside by Private Haulers

Glass Bottles & Jars  
All colors - up to 1 gallon. NO flat glass, light bulbs, mirrors, ceramics, Pyrex  
Rinse clean. Labels and neck rings can be left on.  
Metal Cans & Aluminum  
Cans, tops & bottoms up to 1 gallon. Aluminum foil & food trays. NO bottles/jar lids. 
Rinse clean. DO NOT flatten.  
Plastic Bottles & Jars  
Bottles & jars marked 1 - 2 up to 1 gallon. NOtubs, bags or automotive oil bottles.  
Rinse clean. Caps removed & discarded. DO NOT flatten or crush. 
Newspaper & inserts.
Place in brown grocery bags or bundle and tie with string.  
Corrugated Cardboard  
ONLY CORRUGATED:    two layer cardboard with wavy layer in between. NO wax coated or soiled boxes.  
Flatten. Stack or bundle and tie with string.  
Mixed Paper **  
Magazines, catalogs, junk mail, low grade cardboard i.e. cereal & gift boxes).  
Clean & dry. NO food contamination. Place in grocery bags or bundle & tie with string.  
* * Not all programs are the same, check with your private hauler.