Where to Recycle Difficult Items

Metal Coat Hangars: Battiston and other cleaners take back and reuse metal hangars. They also take back plastic cleaner bags which are melted down for green garbage bags. 

Styrofoam Food Trays and Cups: Return to Fitzgerald's of Simsbury. They will also recycle plastic and paper bags. 

Film Cartridges: Express Photo will recycle everything from single use cameras to the plastic film containers. He will pay to ship them back to Kodak to be melted down and reused. Other photo stores will take back the "polycon" film containers as well.

Egg Cartons: Not every town can boast of an egg farm. If you want to recycle your egg cartons take them back to Flamig Farm to be reused. 

Gardening Materials: Most garden centers will accept the hard plastic containers and flats perennials come in. Others will accept the thin plastic flats annuals are grown in. 

Telephone Books: The phone company does major recycling during the month of April when the new phone books are distributed. Special recycling bins are made available at various outlets to make recycling of old phone books easier for the consumer. 

Nickel-Cadmium Batteries (Ni-Cad batteries): According the the State Department of Environmental Protection batteries may be taken to a Radio Shack store or other retail locations. Anyone who wants to know where to take batteries can use a touch-tone phone to call (800)822-8837. You will be asked to put in your ZIP code and you will hear the nearest drop-off point.

Athletic Shoes: The Reuse-A-Shoe program encourages consumers to send their roughed-up, tattered, and defective athletic shoes to a Nike processing center for recycling. To learn more about the program, call (800) 352-NIKE.