Recycling Committee


In 2006, the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection (later reorganized as the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection-DEEP) amended the Solid Waste Management Plan. The plan focused on municipal solid waste, (MSW), more commonly known as trash, which is generated by both households, commercial enterprises and debris resulting from construction.  Currently in Simsbury we recycle over 25 percent of the MSW we generate but the goal is to recycle 58 percent of our waste stream by fiscal year 2024. Ambitious yes, but also attainable.

How do we reach our goal or try to surpass it? That is where the Simsbury Recycling Committee comes in. The Committee is dedicated to supporting residents, schools, and businesses in their efforts to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. To that end, we invite you to join in our programs:

Fill-It Program:
Fill-It is a free program that connects the public with many businesses (partners) willing to refill any reusable water bottle with tap water.  Customers can locate the businesses by using the webpage By simply offering free tap water to their customers, the business (partner) will enjoy free paid advertising on the mobile webpage which will result in increased visibility and foot traffic at their restaurant or store.  Joining the Fill-It network is free, easy and a great way to promote businesses and a more sustainable environmnet!

Maximizing Single Stream Recycling:
Now that single stream recycling is available to all Simsbury residents through their private waste hauler and at the Transfer Station, increasing our recycling rate is as easy as knowing what you can put in the recycling bin. Check out the forum on the Simsbury Community TV website, or go to DEEP’s web page on Maximizing Single Stream Recycling.

Visiting the Swap Shop:
The Swap Shop, located at the Simsbury Transfer Station on Wolcott Road, allows residents the opportunity to give a range of gently or well used items which are then offered free to other residents, keeping these objects out of the waste stream. In 2018, over 1,119 visitors browsed the Swap Shop.  In addition, over 1,213 items were adopted.  The Swap Shop is open on Saturdays, from 9 am until 2 pm, April through October.

Magazine Swap at Simsbury Library:
You are also invited to visit the Magazine Swap kiosk in the coffee bar-hospitality area at the Simsbury Library where periodicals donated by library patrons are made available free for keeping by others.  Your own donations of recently published magazines (3 months old or less preferred) will in turn be appreciated by other patrons and may be left at the Magazine Swap kiosk.  There is no obligation to donate in order to adopt magazines from our display. The Magazine Swap is a project of the Recycling Committee in conjunction with the Simsbury Library.

Together we will achieve our goal and maintain Simsbury’s reputation as one of the best places to live!

2-Year Term coterminous with the appointing Board of Selectmen
December - 7 Regular Members