Other Social Services Programs

Do you have a questions about child care, housing, state or federal programs, substance abuse treatment, child abuse, domestic violence, counseling, senior services, or other topics? Call us – we will answer your question(s) or find the information for you.


Professional, confidential, assessment and referrals are available to town residents free of charge. Problems may include drug/alcohol, grief, relationship issues, personal growth, depression, low self-esteem, or other issues.

Back to School

Eligible Simsbury families will receive a Wal*Mart gift certificate to purchase school clothes or school supplies for their children. To be eligible, families must be enrolled in a social services program. For further information, please call the Social Services Office.

Family Therapy Program

We will provide five (5) family therapy sessions, with a local family therapist, at no cost. For information or to schedule an appointment, call us at the Social Services Office.

Financial Assistance

Financial donations made to the Social Services Department are used to assist residents who are struggling financially. Assistance may be available for food, shelter, heat, rent, car repairs, and other needs for those who qualify.

Renter’s Rebate Program

This State of Connecticut program provides an annual rebate to renters who are 65 or older (as of December 31st) or disabled and meet income guidelines. The Program is offered May 15th through October 1st. Rebates range from $50 - $900 each year.

Free Bed Funds

Funds are available to help with payment on outstanding bills from Hartford Hospital and St. Francis Hospital. For further information, call us at the Social Services Office.