Renter Rebate Information


Re:  Renter’s Rebate Program

To qualify for this program, you or your spouse:

1.         You must be over 65 or totally disabled, as of December 31, 2019.

2.         Have gross income under $37,000 for a single person and under $45,100 for a married couple.  All sources of income are counted.

3.         Must reside in the apartment for which the benefit is claimed and must have lived in Connecticut for one year during your lifetime.

In order to complete an application, you must provide:

*             A completed Summary Sheet - attached.

*           Proof of your income.  If you receive Social Security, you must submit form SSA-1099.  You will need proof of any other income, including interest earned.  If you filed an Income Tax Return for 2019, please submit a copy of the first page.  Copies of these forms must be attached to applications, so please bring copies with you.

*           All Electric bills you paid in 2019.

*           All Oil/Gas bills you paid in 2019, if applicable.

*          Canceled Rent Checks or receipts for 2019.

If you have any questions or schedule an appointment, please contact the Social Services Office at 658-3283.