SNAP Application Assistance

The Simsbury Social Services Department has partnered with FoodShare to offer SNAP eligibility screening and application assistance. 46% of Simsbury residents who are eligible for SNAP have not yet applied. By having FoodShare volunteers available locally, it is hoped that more Simsbury residents will apply and receive the food assistance they are eligible for.

Simsbury residents may apply for SNAP at Eno Hall on the second Friday and/or the fourth Monday of each month.  Monday appointments are from 3:00PM to 6:00 PM and Friday Apointments are from 9:00am to 12:00 noon. Please call Social Services for an appointment at (860) 658-3283.

Necessary Documentation:

Identity: License, state ID, and social security card or birth certificate, green card, sponsor information and immigration papers.

Income: Pay stubs (4 for weekly/2 for bi-weekly), or letter from employer describing pay, or self-employed tax returns or bookkeeping records; 1099 from social security, pension, annuities, unemployment, or letter regarding cash assistance, child support, alimony.

Shelter Expenses / Proof of Residency: Mortgage statement, rent receipt/lease, or living arrangement letter (paying or not), property tax bill, insurance bill, utility bill (not TV or internet).

Childcare Expenses: Statement from provider with regard to childcare expenses.

Child Support Payments: Pay stubs or court order for child support payments.

Medical Expenses (Out of Pocket): Monthly insurance premiums, prescriptions, medical bills.

Assets (Liquid) (Only households w/senior or disabled members OVER income limit): Limit=$3,250 bank statements, stocks, trust funds, life insurance.