How The Swap Shoppe Works

The Swap Shoppe is located at the entrance to the Transfer Station at 74 Wolcott Road. The operating schedule is: Saturdays, 9:00am to 2:00pm, April through October, weather permitting.

The Swap Shoppe is a place to donate items that you do not need and/or to take home for your own use items that others have donated. Our mission is to reduce the amount of useful household materials entering the waste stream at our Transfer Station by making selected donated items available free for possession by other residents. The Swap Shoppe is open to Simsbury residents only. All items are free and available on a first come, first served basis. Items do not have to be swapped - residents are welcome to take home items without making a donation themselves.

We prefer not to have to enforce limitations on the number of items that visitors may retrieve and therefore ask that you do not take a large number of items from any one category and that overall the total number of selections be reasonable, such as 6 to 8 items per person or family per day. You will be required to complete an Indemnification Agreement for items that you select to take home.

We encourage you to consider making donations to the Swap Shoppe and to do so by visiting us during our hours of operation. Please do not leave items outside the Shoppe when we are closed. Donations must be given free and clear and should be useful, working, safe and preferably clean household items that another resident might use or want. Donations should be of a size and weight that ONE PERSON CAN SAFELY CARRY to or from the Swap Shoppe.

When donating to the Swap Shoppe, please do not expect to be able to leave items that for safety, health, condition or space limitations, we cannot accept. These include large appliances, certain electronic items, exercise equipment, automotive parts, baby car seats, carpeting, clothing, chemicals, foodstuffs, upholstered furniture, mattresses, power equipment and other items that are not acceptable or desired in the Swap Shoppe.

For further information, questions or suggestions please contact:

Mary N. Turner, Simsbury Recycling Committee
(860) 658-7794 or click here for email.