If You Have a Plumbing Blockage

The water leaving your property through sinks, toilets, and drains is wastewater that goes into a public or private sewage system. If you have a problem with blockage, and are connected to the sewer system, please call us at the facility, (860) 658-1380 so we can determine the location and extent of the blockage. The pipes inside a building  and the laterals leading from the building to connect with the main sewer line are the property owner’s responsibility to maintain. Any repairs to the lateral must be performed by a licensed drainlayer. The main sewer line is maintained by the Town. 

If you are connected to the public sewer system and your plumber determines you have a sewer emergency during the evening or on a weekend, call the Police Department at (860) 658-3100, and they will contact the appropriate personnel. 

If you have a problem with the water supply to your property, contact the water company that supplies your property. (see Water Company Links)