Who We Are and What We Do

The Water Pollution Control Department is accounted for in the Sewer Operating and Assessment Fund and is charged with the operation and maintenance of the Town’s wastewater collection and treatment facilities. The department provides sanitary sewer collection and treatment services to approximately 50% of the Town’s populated area. The department operates and maintains an advanced wastewater reclamation plant with 3.98MGD capacity, 5 pumping stations, 80 miles of sewer lines, and 2600 manholes providing physical and biological processes to remove harmful levels of, organics, chemicals, and other substances before being released into the Farmington River. Wastewater from Granby and portions of Avon are also received for treatment, as is septage from local septic tanks.

The department also provides administrative services, oversees sewer usage billing and develops long term planning to assure the operation will meet the future needs of the community. In accordance with state and federal regulations, the division is required to maintain a Capital Reserve Fund adequately funded to meet the financial demands of all facility upgrades, modifications, and capital equipment replacement.

The department's staff of 11 employees provides an indispensable service to the citizens of Simsbury. Of that number, 8 members of the staff are licensed by the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection in the areas of wastewater treatment, collection system maintenance, and/or laboratory analysis. Each year approximately 750 million gallons of sewage is treated, 580 tons of sludge is filtered from the sewage and is processed for disposal. The WPC staff conducts educational tours of the facility for local schools and clubs upon request.