Board of Appeals Notice

Simsbury property owners are reminded that the Simsbury Board of Assessment Appeals meets in March (or April when the assessor’s deadline has been extended) each year to hear assessment appeals. The Board hears appeals from homeowners, commercial property owners, owners of business personal property and automobile owners.

Appeals must be filed in the Town Assessor’s Office by February 20 to get a hearing in March, as provided by statute. When the 20th falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday, it has been the practice of the Board to accept the petition on the next business day. All of the information required on the petition is specified in the state statute governing appeals to the Board of Assessment Appeals. Assessment Appeals Forms can be found at this link.

Business personal property is assessed in accordance with the schedule required to be filed with the Assessor’s office.

Automobiles are assessed as of the October grand list date which pertains to that motor vehicle assessment (e.g. October 1, 2015 or the October 1, 2014 Supplemental Motor vehicle list use the schedule of values for October 1, 2015 or October 1, 2014, respectively).

Real properties are assessed as of October 1, 2012, the last town-wide revaluation date.

Appellants should be aware that, pursuant to Connecticut State statutes:

1. A downturn in the economy, resulting in a decrease in market values of homes since the last revaluation date, is not a basis upon which an appellate relief can be awarded by the Board; and

2. Minutes of the Board of Assessment Appeals are made available to the general public by posting them on the town website. Accordingly, appellants should understand that all appeals will be listed on the website in a form substantially similar to the following:

Appellant Name:Mr. John Doe
Appellant's Address:123 Main Street
Assessed Value:$250,000
Appellant's Estimated Value:$200,000
Basis for Appeal:A short explanation of the basis for the appeal.
Board Action Taken:A short explanation of what the board did.

The Board also meets in September to hear appeals of motor vehicle assessments only. The tax on those vehicles must be paid when due to avoid interest. A reduction in the assessment will result in a refund or credit of the overpaid tax. The owner or authorized representative must appear in person before the Board. Appeal forms are available from the Assessor’s Office and should be submitted by the last Friday in August.