Community Television Is a Treasure Trove of Information

Simsbury Community Television  broadcasts more than 100 Town Board, Committee, and Commission meetings per year, as well as cultural and fitness programming, and other content of interest to Simsbury residents.

Meetings are broadcast live on TV and online, are often rebroadcast on TV, and are archived and available anytime online at

SCTV offers three channels:

Government Channel
The government channel broadcasts meetings of the Board of Selectmen, Board of Finance,  Planning Commission and Zoning Commission, interviews with public officials, and other public  meetings. Xfinity customers can find this programming on channels 96 and 1090, and Frontier  customers can find it on channel 6071.

Public Channel
The public channel features content from people who live and work in Simsbury, including fitness classes, cultural roundtables and events of community interest. Xfinity  customers can find this programming on channels 5 and 1084, and Frontier customers can find it  on channel 6069.

Education Channel
The education channel broadcasts Board of Education meetings, school programs and concerts, and other  education-focused programming. Xfinity customers can find this on channels 95 and 1070, and  Frontier customers can find it on channel 6070.

To see a schedule of any of these channels, visit and click on Schedule at the top of the page.

SCTV has served as the Town of Simsbury’s local access television station since 1984. With one full-time staff member, two part-time staff members, and many volunteers, SCTV provides more than 275 hours of programming per week!