Mission Statement

Recycling in the broad sense is the reuse or extension of usable life of materials that have fulfilled the purpose of original manufacture or possession. Recycled materials may be remanufactured into new or different materials, renovated to their original purpose or reused in their current configuration via change in ownership. Recycling may parallel waste removal but is the opposite of waste disposal as recycled materials are removed from the waste stream to begin a new economic life. Recycling activities promote cleaner communities and the reduction of fire hazards, promote environmental awareness, economic frugality and lessen demands on mines, forests, factories, power generation and systems of transport.

For these reasons, the Simsbury Board of Selectmen has created a Recycling Committee. This Committee, composed of seven Simsbury residents appointed by the Board of Selectmen for a term of two years, shall conduct a scheduled public meeting once a month with the exception of July, August, and December and governed by Robert's Rules of Order and shall:

  1. Make recommendations to the Board of Selectmen concerning the management and promotion of materials recycling in or by the Town of Simsbury.
  2. Make recommendations to the Board of Selectmen concerning environmental, public safety and other issues bearing upon the concerns of this committee.
  3. Undertake such projects and activities pertaining to recycling and related environmental and public safety concerns that the Selectmen may allow, authorize, or direct.

The Recycling Committee shall provide a report of its activities and projects to the Board of Selectmen at the end of each fiscal year.