Registrar of Voters


The Office of the Registrar of Voters is run by two part-time Registrars who are elected for a four year term. The Registrars administer elections, primaries, and referendums for the Town of Simsbury; conduct an annual canvass of Simsbury voters; and maintain the Town’s voter rolls according to State statutes.

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Voting Location Lookup: Click here to visit the online Voting Registration Lookup. When using this lookup tool, note that for any regular election or primary, whether it is a municipal or federal election, vote at the STATE location. LOCAL refers only to the town budget referendum.


Polling Locations:

District 1: Henry James Memorial School

District 2: Latimer Lane School

District 3: Tootin Hills School

District 4: Tariffville School



Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Michele Potvin-Piecuch Republican Registrar (860) 658-3269
Karen E. Cortes Democratic Registrar (860) 658-3267