COVID-19 Response Modifications 03/17/2020

Simsbury Police Department

Simsbury Police Department - COVID19 Response Modifications

In order to minimize the spread of COVID-19, the Simsbury Police Department is temporarily changing the manner in which some services are provided and postponing some services.  The Department may take certain reports by telephone and share some information via e-mail, instead of in-person.  Non-emergency services such as non-criminal fingerprinting will be postponed until the recommendation of social distancing has been lifted.   Other services may be postponed as well.

The Department is also urging people to call the Police Department instead of entering the lobby for routine or non-emergency matters.  The routine phone number is (860) 658-3100.  The emergency number is 911.  Dispatchers and officers will continue to ask screening questions to minimize unnecessary interactions and to adequately prepare first responders. 

  • Simsbury Police modifications to reduce spread of virus (effective 3/17/2020)
  • Certain police reports may be taken by telephone
  • Some information will be shared via e-mail, instead of in person
  • Some services will/may be postponed
  • Call the Police Department for service, avoid entering the lobby of the Police Department
  • Some requests, permits and documents are available on our website.We recently added the daily police log to the site. Access it by clicking: HERE.

These modifications are temporary and implemented to prevent the spread of the virus and maintain the highest quality service to the community.  Do not hesitate to call the police for any needs (emergencies or non-emergencies), but please call before visiting.