Arrest Log / Daily Activity Log

Links to recent daily activity logs and the most recent weekly arrest log are below

Pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes, the following Press Arrest Log includes those who were taken into custody for a crime or violated a statute that requires a court appearance.  Arrested persons are presumed innocent unless found guilty in court. **NOTE: The Arrest Log is typically updated weekly, on Thursday or Friday, based on holidays and staff scheduling. We will update it more often when possible.** The Activity and Arrest Binder in our lobby contains several months of both Activity and Arrest Logs.

Weekly Press Arrest Logs: 05/12/2023-05/25/2023

Daily Activity Logs:


Police "Disp" Codes (disposition/paperwork) as seen on Activity Log: (01) Case Report; (02) Accident Report; (03) Lockout Waiver; (04) Alarm Response Notice; (05) Verbal Warning; (06) Written Warning; (07) Infraction/Citation; (08) Misdemeanor Summons; (09) Juvenile Referral; (10) Criminal Arrest; (11) Parking Ticket; (12) Accident Summary Form; (13) Animal Warning; (14) Community Relations Contact; (15) No Paperwork/No Report; (16) Dog Impounded; (35) Aided/Medical. Note: an incident can have more than one disposition or type of paperwork, but the report is limited to showing only one in the "Disp" column.