Project Lifesaver



Project Lifesaver

If you are a family member, loved one or care giver of someone who may have a tendency to wander, the Simsbury Police Department will soon be equipped to share lifesaving technology with you. Project Lifesaver provides tracking devices to voluntary participants who may have a tendency to wander due to diagnoses such as Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Autism, Downs Syndrome, certain traumatic brain injuries, etc. Voluntary participants wear a small transmitter on the wrist or ankle. If the participant wanders, a call to the Simsbury Police Department will activate the transmitter and public safety personnel (police and fire) will use receivers to locate the participant.

“The Commission fully supports the efforts of the Simsbury Police Department as they proceed with this important initiative. Time is of the essence when someone with the aforementioned diagnoses goes missing and now the Simsbury Police will have the technology to locate these individuals in a timely manner.” - Town of Simsbury Aging and Disability Commission Chairman Ed LaMontagne.

The Simsbury Police Department applied for and received a grant to fund the initial equipment and training for public safety personnel. The Department is currently raising funds to provide transmitters for participants. Each transmitter worn by a participant costs approximately $375.00. If you are interested in providing a transmitter to someone or you wish to assist with the fundraising for transmitters, please contact Community Services Officer Lauren Devin at (860) 658-3131.

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